When an Alabama man, suspected of producing meth, ran from police raiding his home, he didn't consider that his dog might be a rat.

Edward Melvin Henderson dodged out of his back door when the Prattville Drug Enforcement Unit arrived with a drug search warrant on Tuesday — and he might have gotten away if his pooch hadn't tracked him. After Henderson fled, and the officers lost sight of him, one of the investigators instructed his dog, Bo, to "go get him," according to a statement from the Prattville Police Department. "Without hesitation," Bo went after his owner, but the officers trailing him lost track of the Pit Bull and Huskie mix in a wooded area.

When the cops finally caught up with Bo, he was standing over Henderson and "wagging his tail to alert investigators of his owner's whereabouts," the statement said. Methamphetamine and drug lab paraphernalia were found inside of Henderson's house, and he was booked on five counts, including unlawful manufacture of a controlled substance.

As for Bo, Henderson's family members are taking care of him and assure he is "well loved," according to the Prattville Police Department. Police said animal control officers will periodically check on the pooch — who may have just secured his future in law enforcement.