NBC News - Amazon became the latest tech giant to publicly reveal its workforce demographics on Friday, and while it isn't quite as monochromatic as others in the industry, there's still a palpable lack of women and minorities. 

Overall, the company's employees are 63 percent male, 37 percent female, though management is three-quarters men. In terms of ethnic diversity, Amazon is largely white: 60 percent employees overall identified as white, and 71 percent of management. 

The Asian population is more proporionate than at Google or Twitter, where they're significantly over-represented, and Amazon has far more black employees overall than other big tech companies, although few are in management. 

Amazon may not be as subject to the lack of women and minorities in the STEM fields as Apple or Yahoo, since it focuses so strongly on sales and operates a number of well-staffed warehouses.

Amazon didn't just release the numbers, but also, like other companies have done, highlighted programs within the organization that promote and nurture diversity or provide resources to underserved groups.