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Ringgold Elem. students create anti-bullying program

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A new anti-bullying program has been created at Ringgold Elementary, called "Stop the Bull!"  Students staged a pep rally to spread a message of compassion and caring.   Some have experienced bullying first-hand.

Gunter Hullander is only in 4th grade, but he's founder of the anti-bullying club.   He's proving that kids can make a difference by speaking out.  His mother Brandy Hullander says she is proud of Gunter for being so vocal, and that his activism has made it easier for her to advocate for him.

Special education teacher Greg Linderman provides the adult supervision, but having students this involved makes his job easier.   They do the research, prepare the speeches, and recruit other kids to join the cause.   Thankfully, bullying isn't a big problem at Ringgold Elementary, but as the students move on to middle and high school, they are learning to be aware, watch out for others, and always speak up.

The students in the program meet each week, and have placed posters throughout the school building.

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