Dining out this weekend? The inspectors at the Hamilton County Health Department had a great week reporting no failing grades among the more than 25 restaurants inspected. However, before you head on over to one Mexican restaurant in downtown Chattanooga on Market Street, you may want to check their score of an 82 at Mexiville.

Remember a failing grade is any score lower than a 70.

Inspectors found refried beans not at the proper warm temperature, the refrigerator needs a good cleaning and the walls in the kitchen are dirty. Also, the kitchen staff was not thawing out meat the proper way. There are 3 methods approved by the health department, one of which is using cold water. Also, inspectors found no soap or hand towels at the kitchen sink.

The high score of the week is a 99 and that honor goes to the Subway staff on Highway 58. Great job!

According to Chief Inspector Jack Falcon, the inspection of all Hamilton County schools is over and now their team will concentrate heavily on restaurants and hotels in Hamilton County.

Always remember, any complaints about a restaurant, hotel or motel, day care or a place you work out feel free to email me.

Enjoy your meal!