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Schools' code of conduct includes social media postings

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Dr. Lee McDade with the Hamilton County School Board says, “the number of teens posting inappropriate messages online is on the rise. Privacy is a great thing for kids but not for social media. Parents need to know what their children are posting and monitor it. 10-years ago it wasn't an issue but it's an issue now.”

Attorney Amanda Dunn with Luther Anderson agrees and wants teens to know, private settings doesn't always mean they will remain private.  She says, “teens need to be aware when they post something on social media that it goes out to millions of people.”

According to a recent study, 1.5 million pieces of content are shared on Facebook daily; including pictures, private messages and public post.

Earlier in the week a teenager posted a message on Facebook that went viral, catching the attention of local law enforcement and school board officials in Georgia. It said, “ warning if you go to Rigeland High do not go to school tomorrow, there are threats that a mass shooting is going to happen.”

That messaged turned out to be a hoax but Dunn says, “what you thought was a joke or thought was funny could lead to serious consequences. The person that wrote that message could face felony charges.  This is another reminder to be cautious about what you post online.”

Click here to connect with the Hamilton Board of Education to find more information about their code of conduct.
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