East Ridge High School's student body gets ready for the football team's season finale against district rival Howard with the usual standard pep rally in the school's gymnasium.

But instead of playing the Hustlin' Tigers as scheduled for Friday on Halloween night, The Pioneers decided to get a jump and play Thursday night instead.

East Ridge Head Coach Tracy Malone says the decision is mostly based on dollars and cents, and the expected loss attendance wise, had they stuck with playing on Halloween.

"It would have probably hit 30 to 40 percent on our gate, easy, I don't know if it would have been half," speculates Malone, who adds he's received nothing but positive feedback on the decision.

The Pioneers aren't the only local team foregoing Friday night football in light of Halloween, 21 other teams in the Tennessee Valley are playing Thursday night instead of Halloween.

Such as Signal Mountain, as the Eagles host Sequatchie County and much like in East Ridge, the decision to move the game a day early was one of economics.

Signal Mountain Principal Robin Copp says "attendance at the game was one of the determining factors in changing our game to Thursday night.  In talking with our students, parents and faculty, the overwhelming opinion was that they would be more likely to come to the game on Thursday due to Friday being Halloween."

Back in Pioneer country, Coach Malone says just because they're skipping a Halloween game doesn't mean there's no treat, quite the contrary on the school's Senior Night. "Actually, we made the decision a couple of weeks ago to let every student at East Ridge High School in for free, so all they have to do is have their student ID and they'll be able to get into the game for free," says Malone, who hopes students make the most of the opportunity and give the Pioneers' graduating seniors an appropriate send off.