When someone is released from jail, it might be beneficial to some victims, family members, colleagues or neighbors to know.

There's technology that will alert you when someone is released, transferred, escapes or dies. It's been around for several years but not everyone knows it exists. And it wasn't until now that every Tennessee county was involved.

The purpose of the
Statewide Automated Victim Information Notification program
, or
, is to increase the safety of crime victims, police, criminal justice workers and the general public at large.

"Say someone gets out of jail and you don't know it, they've been a threat to you, this service allows you to keep up with their status 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year," said SAVIN Program Coordinator Gary Cordell with the Tennessee Sheriff's Association.

"This program is another tool for us to use in law enforcement to help the citizens feel safer about someone locked up and that we track what's going on with them," said Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond.

Anyone can register anonymously by phone at 1-888-868-4631 or online to be notified of an offender's change of status.