This week we go back to the Highway 58 Family Dollar. "Unfortunately," said Chattanooga Police Investigator Jason Wood, "this store has been targeted several times this year." On this occasion, we have photos and a chance for you to make a little free cash before the holidays.

Last Tuesday night around 9:00, two guys appeared on store surveillance video. "They went into the business wearing hoodies and had the hoodies pulled up real tight, you know, so you don't get a good look at their whole face," said Inv. Wood.

The bad guy in the white sweatshirt drew a handgun and held it to a clerk's head, verbally threatening her and cocking the piece as he demanded she open the safe. The mere presence of a firearm, whether the crook uses it or not, increases the risk. "They may go in there and have their finger on the trigger, you know, and get startled," Wood explained. "And now we're not working a robbery, we're working a homicide."

The employees were not the only ones in danger, that night. "The thing that really gets me about this: there were customers in there, as well, that had little kids with them," Wood added. "So, you had three little kids present while this gun crime was taking place."

As we have seen here before, there was no getaway car involved. They did the dirty work inside, left the store, ran around the side of the building and into the woods. Just beyond the tree line, there are apartment complexes where the criminals can get themselves lost in a crowd almost immediately.

This is where the trail goes cold and this is why we need your help. Up to $1,000 is on the table and these two will never know you turned them in. "Oftentimes, in my job, I've learned that a lot of these people will brag on Facebook about their crimes or, you know, even talking to their friends," said Wood. "So, I'm quite confident that somebody knows who did this. It's just a matter of sharing that information with police."

Crime Stoppers can make that conversation worth your while. Reward cash is waiting for the person who gives us that bit of information that leads to an arrest. That could be an identity, a sighting, or even a little something you overheard.

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