One local man says crews working for EPB did nearly a $1,000 worth of damage to his property during a fiber dig, he turned to Channel 3 for help getting answers.

Property owner, Robert Gustafson is trying to sell a property and he's spent money and many hours working on landscape and curb side appeal. So you can imagine his frustration when crews without notice ripped up his grass and threw away his for sale sign.

"It's very frustrating who wants to go through 4 or 5 phone calls, emails to get to a point where someone takes accountability for what they did," said Gustafson.

A few weeks ago Gustafson says men doing work for EPB damaged his front yard to install fiber lines.

"Just the whole yard was just muddy they tossed the for sale sign to the side it looked awful," said Gustafson.

He called EPB about the dig, to file a complaint for a thousand dollars worth of property damage.

"I mean it wasn't a Governor's style mansion landscape but I had cleaned it up a little to make it look more presentable."

He says at first he was told it was not EPB workers who made the mistake, but contractors who did.

"I sent an email Monday after they said they had not been any work in the area, I said since they're not your fiber lines I'm just going to dig the lines up myself," said Gustafson.

Channel 3 contacted EPB last Wednesday.  After investigating, spokesperson John Pless admits their equipment was in fact installed on the property without permission. He said the work was done because another customer across the street wanted services to be placed underground.

"Somebody's not happy with the work we do, we take it all seriously.  I do want to point out the day in this particular situation, the day before you contacted us here at EPB we had already been in contact with Mr Gustufson and we had already offered to cut him a check for $983.00 and he agreed," said Pless.

"I got to that point but it was just a matter of them saying they didn't do it ..they didn't do it and then they did do it after I tell them I'm going to dig up their lines,"said Gustafson. "Why should you have to go through that?"

A week after Channel 3's first conversation with EPB about the dig, Mr. Gustafson tells us he was still waiting on money to fix the problem.

"They said that check is in the the mail so hopefully it is," said Gustafson.

EPB officials admit mistakes can happen when it comes to digging and damage, they say customer satisfaction is their number one priority. after our interview on Wednesday, Gustafson tells Channel 3 he got a phone call from EPB officials to meet up in person for the $983.00 dollar check. He says officials also told him they would send landscaping crews out this week to right the wrong.