They've seen how pain effects our community in two very different ways.

Area pastors and police officers joined hands Tuesday to a serious message: The violence that's recently plagued Chattanooga streets stops here.

“These acts that are happening are senseless. There's no reason for people to be getting hurt over a phone, a little bit of money,” Chattanooga Police Sgt. Daniel Jones said.

Jones has seen area kids fall into violence as young as 15 years old and believes those kids are the ones that need guidance the most.

“My heart breaks because some of these kids have a chance. But are we giving them that chance?” he said.

Area pastors see the recent violence as a message. The type Hawkinsville Missionary Baptist Church Senior Pastor Bobby Hampton, Sr. hears loud and clear.

“They're speaking loud but they're speaking through the guns and violence and that nature,” Hampton added.

These men and women from two walks of life bow their heads in prayer asking God for guidance for the city they've both dedicated their lives to.

“They are frozen on their way of thinking, and our main objective is to unthaw them and then freeze them in the way God would want them to be,” Hampton said.