The oldest of the kids from TLC's show "19 Kids and Counting", Josh Duggar, made a stop in Chattanooga Tuesday.


He's traveling across seven states in 10 days as part of his "Faith, Family and Freedom Tour." His trip to Chattanooga is to encourage pro-life supporters to vote yes on Amendment 1 next week.

"People have strong opinions on both sides on this issue," Duggar said, "But what we want is for people to understand the importance of passing Amendment 1 and having your voice heard."


If passed, Amendment 1 would allow the state legislature to regulate abortion laws, and decide when they are or are not allowed.

"Veterinary clinics in TN they have higher standards than abortion clinics and I think that's a tragedy," Duggar said, "Because we've got to make sure that we are looking out for the interests not only of these unborn children but for these women who are walking into these facilities every single day."


But people volunteering with the Vote No on 1 campaign say this amendment would give the state too much control.

"I think that this should be a decision between a woman, her doctor, her own faith," said Reverend Brian Merritt of Mercy Junction Ministries, "There shouldn't be interference by a state's faith on what women's choices are."


The Vote No campaign is spending the last few weeks before election day making calls to potential voters.

"We have volunteers across the state," Rev. Merritt said, "Who are calling thousands of people and reminding them to go out and vote."


Reverend Merritt thinks passing this amendment would open the door for more laws to restrict abortions in the future.

"They would limit a women's right to an abortion so that it wouldn't exist at all" Rev. Merritt said, "Even in the cases of rape, incest and the physical life of the mother."

If Amendment 1 passes, any new abortion laws would still need the legislature to approve.


There are three other amendments also up for a vote next week. 

Amendment 2 will decide whether to allow the governor to keep choosing judges, or whether to send it straight to voters. 

A yes vote on Amendment 3 would kill the state income tax issue once and for all, and a yes vote on Amendment 4 would allow non-profit organizations that support veterans to host gambling events.