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Zookeeper wrestles panda cubs who won't take their medicine

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NBC News - Parents who think there's nothing in the world slipperier or squirmier than a toddler who really doesn't want to take his medicine — or take a bath or get dressed — can now rest assured that the animal kingdom offers up some stiff competition in the form of panda cubs.

In a video that's gone viral, one zookeeper faces double trouble when twin pandas put their paws down (and up and all over the place) when it comes to medicine time.

Just as the ever-patient man does his best to get a syringe full of meds into one panda's tightly closed mouth, the other jumps on his back in what looks to be an orchestrated effort to distract. When the zookeeper then tries to turn the syringe on the interrupting sibling, panda No. 1 rushes to the rescue.

And so it goes on and on as the furry kids try every trick in the book — including some synchronized boot pulling — to get out of it.

In the end the zookeeper actually manages to get the syringe in one panda's mouth, but then he faces a new adventure: getting it out!
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