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How will new streaming services from HBO change the TV landscape?

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(NBC News)  Services such as Netflix and Hulu have made streaming TV and movie content over the internet a routine concept for many consumers.

Several major companies have announced plans to join the trend known as "over the top" TV.

About ten million homes in the U.S. have broadband internet service but don't buy cable television.

That's the audience HBO says it's after next year.  They're the latest company to offer a Netflix-style streaming service.

"They're all targeting the cord cutters," says Yahoo! TV's Maggie Furlong.  "The people who decided they don't need traditional TV. They can watch on their computers, their iPads, 

even on their phones."

Furlong says the streaming realm will grow.   

CBS recently launched a service charging $5.99 a month to stream its current and vintage shows. Network rivals NBC, ABC and Fox have been offering shows jointly through their Hulu streaming service.

"Anyone who's doing original programming is going to have to get on board with having it available anywhere and everywhere at any time," Furlong predicts. 

More streaming could mean more consumers forgo cable in favor of faster broadband service.

Comcast, the nation's largest cable provider and owner of NBC, lost 81,000 video subscribers 

in the most recent quarter, but added almost four times that number in high-speed internet customers.

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