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Southeast K-9 Search and Rescue team holds training seminar

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - The Southeast K-9 Search and Rescue team hosted a seminar Saturday. Twenty-nine handlers and their K-9's attended the event held at the Chattanooga Fire and Police Training Center.

"Today we are running scenarios on searches and rescue both live recovery and HR. HR is human remains and live recovery are the people who are stuck under buildings," said Debbie Tripplett, K-9 Coordinator.

Renowned dog trainer David Lynder traveled from Ireland to Chattanooga.

With the help of local volunteers, he re-created disaster scenarios during a three day seminar designed to sharpen canine teams in the Southeast Tennessee region.  

"You don't have disasters that happen everyday, so the best way to prepare dogs for them is to set up scenario to get proactive before they have to be out there in the real world," said Tripplett.  

The handlers and their K-9's went through a number of drills and looked under rubble in wrecked cars and a collapsed building.  

"If you have a building that collapses they go up and check all the holes where you can't see and they detect live people, then they will bark," said Tripplett.  

Some dogs are trained to detect human remains that are several decades old, helping close countless cold cases.

After the K-9's were unleashed finding people they sensed were buried under fallen debris, coordinator Debbie Tripplet reviewed the reward system, which is one on one time playing with a tennis ball.

"These dogs are one in a million and we look through many dogs just to select one," said Tripplett.  

Another training day will be held Sunday from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
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