Nearly four hundred people turned out Saturday morning for the 4th Annual Hydrocephalus Walk . They gathered at Coolidge Park on what turned out to be a picture perfect day.  

It was a day of fun, food, games, and community involvement. Teams and supporters gathered to raise money and awareness to fund research for a cure for Hydrocephalus.  

There were a number of special guests on hand . Miss Tennessee Hayley Lewis, and Miss Tennessee Teen USA Hannah Faith Greene of Chattanooga came out to support five year old Ema McLaughen and all those who suffer from this condition.  

Hydrocephalus is known as also known as "water on the brain."  It's a medical condition in which there is an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the ventricles or cavities, of the brain.  

This may cause increased pressure inside the skull and progressive enlargement of the head.   The only cure at this time is surgery.  Ema has had a total of nine surgeries in her lifetime.  

Everyone who raised at least $50.00 got a t-shirt.  There was also a silent auction..  The funds raised will be donated directly to the Hydrocephalus Association.