UPDATE: The mood at Lafayette High School Friday morning was somber. Students started their day hearing fellow classmate Damon Lee Jones died while riding his ATV. The 15-year-old's classmates say, he was well liked by all including school faculty. 

10th grade student, Rosa Jenkins says, "I had a hard time processing that it was my close friend who passed away. Damon was such a great person and a great friend, he will be missed. Everyone was walking around school crying. I had no idea what was wrong until I heard it during the morning announcements."

After the morning announcement and a prayer, students began to sign a large memorial poster in the hallway. There were over 300 messages written by lunchtime. 

Damon's mother Melissa shared photos with Channel 3 of her son when he was little and said, "I appreciate the community's support as I face doing the hardest thing I will ever do, bury my son

The family is trying to collect funds to pay for Damon's funeral.  They set up an account at the Bank of Lafayette under his name.  Every penny will go towards paying for the service. 

If you would like to donate call the Bank of Lafayette at (706) 638-2520 

They may ask for an account number, it is: 01-0298503

An ATV accident claimed the life of its driver Thursday night in LaFayette.

Officials tell Channel 3 that the driver of the ATV, 15-year-old Damon Lee Jones of LaFayette, was traveling north on Dunwoody Road.

The ATV then cut through a church parking lot and crossed over Wesley Road. The driver attempted to enter another parking lot and struck a cable/barrier that blocked the parking lot.

Jones died from the injuries he sustained in the crash. A passenger on the ATV, 17 year-old Timothy J. Wallin, of LaFayette, was not injured.