The lawyer representing a 17-year-old, accused of raping a runner in a North Shore neighborhood last month, asked the judge for more time to prepare his case. The juvenile appeared in court Thursday.

He is charged with felony aggravated rape.  Family member of the suspect maintain his innocence, and say there's more to the story.

The juvenile's time in court was quick. The lawyer appointed to defend the 17-year old told the judge he needs more time, saying his first priority is to keep the accused from being tried as an adult.

"My job really is to make the court see that this is a child that can be helped here in the juvenile system," said Attorney Jason Fisher, "That there are things that the state could do that would rehabilitate him, keep him out of that adult system and that's really my priority is to keep this child out of an adult system."

The 17-year old is accused of raping a 69-year old man while he was running one morning last month.

He faces one count of aggravated rape.

Inside the courtroom Judge Robert Philyaw explained to the teenager and his family what his upcoming transfer hearing means.


The judge said the boy also needs to have a mental evaluation before his next court date.


His lawyer admits the teenager is scared, but he's getting a lot of support from family.

"He has a family that loves him very much," Fisher said, "He has a mother that's very involved and a church family that has expressed their support and their willingness to stand behind him as he goes through this process."

The juvenile's mother talked to Channel 3 after his first time in court.


She said the family will fight the charges and they believe he's been wrongly accused.

"My son is not guilty he's not that type of person and there's two sides to every story," his mother, Kamilah, said, "We're going to go to court, we're going to fight this, we're going to go to beat this because he's innocent. Not guilty."

Channel 3 does not name juvenile suspects unless they have been charged as an adult.

The transfer hearing has been pushed back to November 6th.


That's when the Judge Philyaw will decide if the teenager is staying in juvenile court or if he'll be tried as an adult.