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New technology for breast reconstruction

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 Trina Whalen says "It's something that you never think will happen to you, everybody says that but it's true.'

Tina Whalen was diagnosed with breast cancer in April of 2013.

Trina Whalen says "I don't think I ever worried about breast cancer, it wasn't in my history, no family history."

In addition to dealing with the overwhelming news of being diagnosed with breast cancer, and undergoing treatment, patients also worry about something else.  What will they look like after a mastectomy.  

Up until recently women were left with noticeable scarring,  what was known as the "red Badge of Courage" but that has changed.

Trina Whalen says "I really have just tiny tiny incision you really can't even see them now, it's wonderful."  

Surgeons like Dr. Mark Brzezienski are using new technology known as circumvertical mastectomy incisions.

Dr. Mark Brzezienski says "From my perspective I really want to put the incision in as discreet a location as possible."

This reconstructive procedure also gives the patient a more natural look without having to worry about a visible horizontal incision.

Dr. Mark Brzezienski says "We work daily with breast oncologist, we plan to do these operations at the same time so I will mark the breast, oncologist does surgery, then we do immediate reconstruction using this incisional technique."

For Trina, she says there is definitely life after breast cancer, she going back to doing and wearing just about everything she was before the diagnosis.

Trina Whalen says "It's a relief I've gone back to almost normal, almost normal."

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