UPDATE: The four protestors arrested for inciting to riot in October were in front of a judge Friday morning.

Madison Dillard, Michael Paul Heath, Ash-Lee Henderson and Janelle Jackson were arrested after police say some sat in the middle of Market Street and refused to get up during a protest.

Dillard, Health and Henderson must all do 5 hours of community service. Jackson must complete 10 hours because of her additional resisting arrest charge.

Their charges will be dropped after six months pending completion of the service hours and good behavior.

PEVIOUS STORY: Four people were arrested Wednesday night while protesting police brutality.

Madison Dillard, Michael Paul Heath, Ash-Lee Henderson and Janelle Jackson were arrested for inciting to riot and obstruction of a highway. Jackson faces an additional charge of resisting arrest.

Members of Concerned Citizens for Justice --  a local social justice group -- gathered Wednesday night for a protest entitled, "March to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation."

The group started its protest at East Lake Courts and planned on ending the event at Harris-Johnson Park at the corner of Market Street and West 28th Street.

Police say members of the group refused to leave the intersection at Market Street and Main Street where they were reportedly blocking traffic.

"Out of the blue, they just decided to get in the middle of Main and Market Street, which is a major thoroughfare and just refuse to get out of the street," said Captain Corliss Cooper. "Not only did they put themselves in danger, they put the drivers of the vehicle in danger and they put law enforcement in danger."

Police say Jackson resisted arrest and that they were forced to carry her off the street and into the squad car. Channel 3 spoke to Jackson by phone. She was unavailable for an interview because she was going to the hospital.

Organizer Ash-Lee Henderson posted the following status update on her personal Facebook page: "Family, our crew is out and although physically battered and bruised, and even more committed. So many thoughts and emotions, but wanted to let y'all know we're out, eating and heading to ER next."

The group posted on its Facebook page overnight asking for people to donate to their members' bails and legal fees through Pay Pal on the group's website.

All four bonded out by late Thursday morning and are due in court early November.