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Shooting victim's sister tased and arrested, departments reviewing response

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Chattanooga Police and the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office are looking into their response to controlling a large crowd at Erlanger Hospital Monday night. Family and friends of 20-year-old Apprentice Berry showed up at the hospital after he was shot multiple times at the Woodlawn Apartments. He later died. That night four people, including the victim's sister, were arrested for disorderly conduct. She also faces a charge of assault.

Chattanooga Police Chief Fred Fletcher says he has already asked for an internal investigation to his department's response. Wednesday, Channel 3 spoke with Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond who says his department is still gathering all the facts.

In the meantime, Apprentice Berry's mother says things got way out of hand outside the emergency room.

"I had to deal with my child being dead that day. I had to deal with my kids going to jail and being beat up by the police that day. That's too much," says Angela Logan.

A memorial sits outside the Woodlawn Apartments on Wilson Street where 20-year-old Apprentice Berry was shot multiple times Monday night. His mother, Angela Logan, says a large crowd of friends and family gathered at the hospital where they got the news Berry had died. 

"That's when things kind of blew up. My daughter got punched by a police officer, closed fist in her face. I pushed him and I told him he better not hit my child again," says Logan.

Twenty-two-year-old Akeyllya Berry was arrested. According to an affidavit, the deputy says he tackled her to the ground because she was slapping and punching him and he "had to taze her."

"I was screaming. I was shocked. I was screaming for the situation that was going on," says Logan.

Logan claims the officer called her a name and threatened to hit her as well. She says the family became upset because they were not allowed inside. Erlanger tells Channel 3 the ER was put on lockdown so patient care would not be disrupted. 

"They told my kids they can't come. Which I didn't understand why they couldn't come and see what was going on with their brother."

Logan says the deputy's response was over the top.

"Maybe they don't know how to deal with people that's grieving. You've got to be sympathetic and bring your tolerance level down a little bit," says Logan.

"The victim in this case, who may or may not be a victim, I don't know at this point, has the right to ask for a full IA report," says Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond.

Sheriff Hammond says his office will review what happened.

"We'll do some after action reports. 'Alright, here's where we need to tighten up' or 'no, we did a good job.' If there's someone who needs to be disciplined, that's always something we're going to consider also," says Sheriff Hammond.

Hammond says his deputy had to get a tetanus shot because he did have bloody scratches.

Erlanger confirms there is security video of what happened that night, but it has been turned over to police.

In the meantime, investigators are still looking for whoever shot Apprentice Berry.
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