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Investigation into CPD detective having ripple effects in murder case

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Cordalro Strickland Cordalro Strickland
CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - The investigation into a detective with the Chattanooga police department is starting to have ripple effects throughout the court system and one murder case in particular.

Karl Fields is under TBI investigation for alleged inappropriate contact with a woman who filed a rape report. He's also at the center of an internal affairs investigation.

Fields was the lead detective into the murder case of Melvin Fennell in 2011. Cordalro Strickland was arrested and charged with first degree murder, attempted first degree murder and aggravated assault. And his attorneys are scrutinizing some of Fields' police work that led to their client being arrested.

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Strickland is on his third team of attorneys in criminal court. They've filed a number of motions on his behalf including a motion to exclude his initial interview with Fields. His former attorney filed a motion to dismiss DNA evidence, arguing the sample was "unreliable" because Fields was unable to say where it was collected at the crime scene.

The latest request came Wednesday from the prosecution. In part, it asks for "a hearing outside the presence of the jury to determine the admissibility of the TBI investigation, the civil lawsuit, and the Internal Affairs investigation currently pending against Detective Karl Fields."

The judge moved Wednesday's hearing to Friday morning, saying there needed to be ample time for research. Both Strickland and Fields are expected to be there for the pre-trial hearing.

Other motions:

  • Motion to dismiss pursuant to Ferguson & Merriman filed
  • Motion to dismiss pursuant to confrontation clause filed
  • Motion for substitution of private investigator filed
  • Motion to exclude defendant's initial interview with Detective Karl Fields filed
  • Motion requesting notification of state's intent to introduce impeaching evidence and/or evidence of prior bad acts and state's intent to seek enhanced or consecutive sentencing filed
  • Motion to add witnesses to indictment filed
  • Motion to exclude lineup from evidence at trial filed
  • Motion for notice of state's intent to use evidence filed
  • Motion to suppress DNA filed

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