The Bradley County Sheriff's Office still doesn't know much about a man they picked up on I-75. But what they do know, is that Tyheem Melton, 35,  is a wanted fugitive from Philadelphia, suspected of killing two people in a bar in 2012.

"You never know when you stop a car on I-75 who you're going to run into," said Capt. Steve Lawson, Criminal Investigations Division, "Or what situation you're going to run into. You got to be on your toes."


It all started as a routine traffic stop. Two detectives were on patrol and pulled over a red car for speeding.


The car was going 77 mph in a 70 mph zone.

"It was a rental car," Capt. Lawson said, "There were two people in the car, a female and a male."


But the male driver kept giving detectives names that were not on file. After the fourth incorrect name, police took him in to custody.

"They finally tracked down what they believe was a real name, they ran it through and came back with a National Crime Information hit," Capt. Lawson said, "That he was wanted for a double homicide in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from 2012."


Tyheem Melton is on the Philadelphia Police Most Wanted Violent Felon's list, with a $20,000 cash reward for any information.

Capt. Lawson says they're sure he is the same guy.

"We verified that through prints," Capt. Lawson said, "When they printed him here at the Justice Center when he was being booked."

The NBC affiliate in Philadelphia reports Melton is accused of shooting and killing two people inside a bar in 2012, and has been on the run ever since.


Reports said one of the deaths could have been drug-related, and the other death could have been to an innocent bystander.


Capt. Lawson said Melton has been cooperating with police, but not saying much about how he spent the past two years on the run.

"Any clue on how long he's been in the Tennessee area?" Channel 3 asked,

"I have no idea. I don't know," said Capt. Lawson.

Melton is still being held at the Bradley County Jail.

He's facing charges related to being a fugitive from justice, charges for criminal impersonation, driving without a license and speeding.


Milton is scheduled to go before a Bradley County Judge on Oct, 28th.

: Bradley County Sheriff's deputies have arrested a man in connection with a double homicide in Pennsylvania.Officials say a traffic stop on I-75 Tuesday morning led to the arrest of one of the occupants who was wanted in Philadelphia for a double homicide.

Authorities have been searching nationwide for 35-year-old Tyheem Melton for a double murder in a Philadelphia bar in 2012.   

Melton was charged in April 2012 for those deaths. He was taken into custody and is awaiting extradition to Pennsylvania.