Silverdale Baptist Church spent the afternoon celebrating its 125th birthday, but instead of receiving gifts the congregation decided to give one to the community.

They donated more than $60,000 to the Community Kitchen to help house families without a home.

The growing number of homeless families will soon have a place to lay their heads.


"It's very difficult to find a safe secure comfortable place to be, so this shelter will be that place," said Jens Christensen, Executive Director, Community Kitchen.

The McClellan shelter for families is under construction but funds are still lacking.

"We have 13 family rooms that need to be underwritten, we also have ongoing annual needs," said Christensen.

One large item has been marked off their check list though. The family reception room is no longer a financial concern, thanks to Silverdale Baptist Church.

"We decided when we did our 125 birthday celebration we didn't want to make it just about us," said Pastor Tony Walliser.

And they didn't, giving the gift to the Community Kitchen.

"They're an amazing Christian organization that helps the poor in our community," said Walliser. "We decided as a church we would have a goal at $50,000 and praise God we went above that goal to really help build that facility for our community."

$67,400 will go a long way and help build the family reception room for the new facility.

"Knowing we're able to touch them in a tangible way, it's just amazing to be a part of it," said Walliser.

The facility will cost approximately $250,000 a year to run.

If you'd like information on how you can help the Community Kitchen,
click here.