East Lake community members were given the opportunity to receive free dental extractions Saturday.

At the Salvation Army, people who didn't have insurance were able to receive care.

There was a big turn-out of patients for Doctor Nick Von Zyl - who brought staff and family members along to help sign people in and assist with the visit.

This is the second time the Fit Dental Center owner has ventured outside of his office to give back with free dental extractions.He says it's important to him to give back to others in need.

"God has given me the abilities to do certain things, so he requires me to do what I can for other people."

The patients appreciate what he does too. Sarah Palmer says she feels sharp pains in her whole mouth making it hard for her to chew food. She thought she would have to live with the pain until meeting Dr. Van Zyl who pulled a few teeth and gave her medication without charging a dime

"It is a blessing from the Lord that someone would take time out of their day to come out here to help people who don't have anything; for real it is a blessing," says Palmer.

The organizer of the event say they plan on hold another free dental extraction day next month