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Hamilton County Sheriff's Office shreds old files for locals

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HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) - People lined up Saturday to give up their old medications and personal paperwork to Hamilton County Deputies.

"People want to know that none of their private info has been leaked out," said Sheriff Jim Hammond.

Betsy Donahue is one of those concerned citizens, bringing in several bags of her own private files.

"Old bills that I had kept, a lot of medical stuff, I had just been cleaning out the house and just trying to get rid of the old files I have been saving," said Donahue.

She says it's little things like this that give her peace of mind.

"I'm just really careful about identity theft, I've actually burned up two shredders because I have been trying to shred things at home," said Donahue.

She may have given them a few unimportant items, but says it's better to be safe than sorry.

"I think it's really important to think about identity because you don't know what's on paperwork before you put it in the garbage," said Donahue.

It's because one man's trash, could be another's treasure.

"We have a high rise of identity theft and try disposing of it in this manner, it might keep you from becoming a victim in the future," said Janice Atkinson, Hamilton County Public Information Officer. "It takes years to correct and sometimes they can't correct it, so it pays to dispose."

All of the paper shreds are recycled.

They do plan to host another one of these events sometime in the spring.

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