Fourteen steps lead to the gymnasium at Normal Park Museum Magnet School.

“How many are they alienating that they aren't aware of?” Jennifer Storey asks.

It's these steps that kept Storey and her children from enjoying their evening at the Hamilton County District Basketball Jamboree.

“With buildings, we don't run across this problem [often]. Of course, Normal Park is an extremely old building and was built before we had federal regulations for handicap accessibility,” she said.

Not one of the entrances to the school's gymnasium was accessible for the 15 year olds wheelchair, leaving Storey no choice but to go home.

Principal Susan Kennedy sent us this statement: “"We regret that tonight's facility was not fully accessible, and we consider this to be an unfortunate event. For future district-wide events, we recognize that the use of a fully accessible facility would be the best choice.  Again, we agree that this situation was unfortunate, and regret that more could not have been done to insure full access for everyone wishing to attend."

“I don't want it to happen to the next person,” Storey said.

She hopes this brings awareness to the other older buildings throughout the county.