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A lesson about friendship in high school

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Dunwoody High School near Atlanta is a real place. It is brimming with the usual clicks and chaos of adolescence but then there's this.    

Back in the kitchen of  a classroom for kids with special needs. Its prep time.  

Soon their coffee shop will be open. And that means a flood of paying customers.

Gus keeps the juice flowing.   Hannah is jack of all trades. Prince is the greeter in chief.   What you won't hear in the coffee shop are barbs or taunts.  Principal Tom McFerrin says respect for others is a big thing here.  

Principal Tom McFerrin, "That's what we're all about here. Be good people and do good things in this world."

And maybe that's why when Dunwoody students voted for homecoming court this year among the ten boys and ten girls stood, Gus Ashbury and Hannah Keen.  

But this gets better.  Gus and Hannah's classmates voted them King and Queen of the homecoming court.  For Dunwoody High it was symbol of pride.    

Senior Haley Pierce has known Hannah since kindergarten, "We're all sitting there like "Hannah and Gus, oh my gosh, they have to win!!! That moment when they announced Gus and Hannah like, we all, we were all on the field and we all had like tears in our eyes like oh my goshhhhh!"  

Back at the coffee shop this week Gus and Hannah were still glowing.

Seems the whole school was pulling for them.  That's more than respect, its acceptance.       

Harry Smith NBC News.   Dunwoody Ga.  

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