Doug Millsaps, a 14-year-veteran, was placed on administrative leave after he showed up to firearms training drunk last week. Two days later, he resigned.

The firearms training exercise began at 8 o'clock in the morning on Tuesday, October 7.


Shortly after it began, fellow Red Bank police officers smelled alcohol coming from Detective Doug Millsaps.

Breath tests confirm he was preparing to shoot his firearm with a BAC of nearly twice the legal limit.

Red Bank Police Chief Tim Christol filed an internal affairs investigation against Millsaps last week.


The paperwork shows Millsaps failed a total of four breath tests after showing up to his annual firearms training drunk.

Millsaps took the first breath alcohol test at the firing range. That showed a 0.149 breath alcohol content (BAC).

After that, Sgt. Dan Seymour took Millsaps to the police department where he took three more breath tests.

Millsaps was immediately placed on administrative leave with pay, but days later he resigned from his job entirely.

The Chattanooga/Hamilton County Shooting Range was where the training took place.  The shooting range is used by 25 different agencies who must all follow firearm safety rules.

"The basic, generic rules, you know obviously you don't want to be handling weapons while impaired or intoxicated," said Range Master Sgt. Les Stovers, "Those basic firearm safety rules are part of the rules we abide by here at the range."


The Range Master believes other officers pulled Millsaps out of training before he was able to fire off his gun.

"I wasn't present during the incident," Sgt. Stovers said, "But it's my understanding that they were simply just going through the briefing when it was discovered the officer had been drinking."

The investigation was closed after Millsaps resigned from his job at the Red Bank Police Department, which means there will be no formal charges brought against him.


It's possible Millsaps could be hired as a police officer at a different department in the future.

Two cars were in the driveway when Channel 3 visited the home of former detective Doug Millsaps.


At least two people were inside the home, but no one came to the door.