: Bridgett Jones, 31, confessed to abusing two infants she was babysitting. Jones is being held at the Silverdale Correctional facility on a $200,000 bond.


Jones is charged with two counts of aggravated child abuse, a class A felony under Haley's Law.

"We interviewed her here at the police department and she gave a confession," said East Ridge Detective Daniel Stephenson, "Stating she had abused the children."

A six- month old baby girl has a spiral fracture in her leg. Her four-month old cousin has a broken left femur, and her right leg is broken in several places.

Jones described it as "shaking out a bedding sheet on a bed."

"She tried to make the children stop crying by shaking them with enough force to cause the breaks," Det. Stephenson said.


Jones told police she was caring for eight or nine children on any given day inside her East Ridge apartment.


Jones told police she is not child care certified and was posting her adds on Craigslist.


That's how the mothers of the two abused infants first met Jones.

"They responded to the Craigslist add for babysitting and did a home visit," Det. Stephenson said, "One of the mother's did a home visit, and found the home to be clean and orderly and thought that everything was ok."

Channel 3 talked to one mother, who doesn't want to go on camera until the investigation is over, but says Jones put on an act and she played the part of a caring babysitter.


The mother said her child was always clean and never showed any signs of bruising.


The investigation is still ongoing because police think there could be more victims who also used Jones for childcare.

"If they could have their children seen by a physician or a doctor," said Det. Stephenson, "To be checked out to make sure they are no injuries that they may have sustained."

An East Ridge woman faces charges of aggravated child abuse after it was discovered the children she was babysitting suffered broken limbs.

Bridget Jones was the babysitter for two girls, a six-month old and a four-month old.  The six-month old's mother, Donna Blackmon, noticed her daughter being fussy and sick and having trouble bearing weight on her left leg. Blackmon took her to the doctor and discovered her daughter had a spiral fracture in her leg.  Blackmon called Jones to see if she knew what had happened, but Jones didn't have an explanation. 

On October 15th, East Ridge Police went to Children's Hospital in response to an injury to a four-month old.  Candace Clark, the mother of the four-month old, learned what happened to the other child and noticed that her child had been unusually fussy for a couple of weeks. She took her to the hospital to be check.  It was discovered that Clark's daughter had a broken left femur, her right tibia was broken in two places and her right fibia was broken.  

East Ridge Police contacted Jones asking her to meet with them. Police says Jones told them she would grab the children by the ankles and feet and shaking them when they cried. Jones described the action "like shaking out bedding sheet on a bed". 

Jones is charged with aggravated child abuse and is in custody at the Hamilton County Jail on a $200,000 bond.