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Local doctor explains the root of looking older

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When it comes to aging, Americans are fighting back with everything from Botox to surgery.  But Dr. Authur VonWerssowetz says it's important for people to get to the root of their problem and understand what he calls the triad of aging.  

Those three pieces include skin deterioration, structural looseness and sagging, and loss of volume. Dr. Authur Vonvwerssowetz of Associates In Plastic Surgery says, "It's putting these three pieces together, some people having sagging before their skin goes."

There is no standard formula when it comes to how we age. While genes play a key role, doctors say those with fair skin and smokers tend to lose the elasticity in their skin a lot sooner

And when that happens, Dr. Vonwersowwetz says the skin doesn't snap back and hold tight anymore.  

Patient Susan Molinari says"(I) started noticing the elasticity in my skin and I was having a difficult time with my makeup, raising my eyes to put my eye shadow on."

At 64, Susan says she has always put everyone else first. While she's not trying to look 25 or 30, she just wants to have what's known as a natural and rested look.

Susan is dealing with the sagging triad, her situation is most often corrected with procedures like eyelid tucks or brow lifts.

But Dr. Vonwerssewetz says that's why it is important to correcting identify your situation or concerns, because some of the most popular treatments might not be your best option.

As for Susan, she just wants to feel good about herself when she walks out the door.
Susan Molinari says, "Just an overall feel good inside and out.  I will feel better inside for doing something outside."
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