Surveillance video from the Walmart on Little Debbie Parkway shows our suspects walk in on Saturday October 4th. First, two white males, one in shorts and a t-shirt the other in a sweatshirt and ripped jeans. Then, a couple enters white male and older-looking white female who seems to be futzing with her jacket. She may actually be trying to hide her face.

Collegedale Police say the four were all working together. One ended up in the jewelry department. There was a camera there, too. "They stole 500-dollars worth of watches." said Detective Brandon Allen.

He described the crime as he showed it take place on store video. The suspect in shorts breaks open a watch display and hides the timepieces under a jacket in his shopping cart. This is where you would think they would make a quick getaway, but that was not part of their plan. "They left the store," explained Det. Allen, sat out in the parking lot for a while and then sent one of the other suspect back into the Walmart and tried to return the watches."

One-stop, not-so-much shopping. Here was the hiccup in their plot: they were denied at the returns desk.

The four pulled away in a white 4-door Chevy Silverado pickup with no license tag. That is why we need your help. Study the photos. If you can help us round them up, there is reward cash available.

"More than likely, if they're breaking in and stealing watches from Walmart, high priced watches, they're probably breaking into homes or going to other businesses and shoplifting, as well." Allen added. "It's good to get suspects like this off the street."

Can you put the clues together? Can you identify one or all of the suspects? If you call Crime Stoppers with your tip, these four will never know you turned them in. And do not forget, up to $1,000 reward cash is available.

Dial: 698-3333

A police officer may answer or return your call, but he will never ask your identity.