Steps2Hope showed Channel 3 where volunteers will come together to build once more. They will build the dream home for wounded veteran Sgt. Jason Smith.


Smith lost both legs, and burns badly damaged his upper body, after stepping on an IED while serving in Afghanistan in July 2012.

"Behind us is where we're going to start this new journey," said Mark Wilson, Founder of Steps2Hope, "This is an incredible piece of land."


They're calling it "Jason's New Journey" and it will start in a wooded area in Ringgold, Georgia.


It's where volunteers will build a handicap-accessible home for Sgt. Smith and his family to thank him for his service and sacrifice for his country.

"It's a gorgeous plot of land but it still doesn't feel real you know," said Sgt. Smith, "You just can't anticipate something happening like this to somebody."

There's still a long way to go before Smith and his family are welcomed into their new home.

"We plan to build the house in April, which is just about six months away," Wilson said, "Which is kind of scary knowing what we have in our bank account today."

Before the community can gather here to build. Steps2Hope has to design building plans for the home that meet all of Sgt. Smith's physical needs.

"Every aspect of this, every single aspect of every position that's going to be involved in this is donated. nobody is getting paid," said Mike Fitzpatrick, a veteran, retired firefighter, and volunteer project manager for Jason's New Journey.


"We need contractors to get on that website and to contact us," Fitzpatrick said.

works on that, Sgt. Smith will be working on his family.


The couple announced they got married just a few weeks ago in Nashville.

"It was just us," said Lauren Smith, "And I mean, we loved it. It was nice,we didn't have to worry about anything else but just me and him."

"I was offered a home before and I turned it down because I was single, you know a family could deserve it," Smith said, "And now we're a family and it means more to me that they're involved as opposed to just getting a home and being single."

The first fundraiser and launch party for Jason's New Journey will be November 6, at 5:30 p.m. at the Colonnade in Ringgold.

 For more information on how to volunteer, sponsor, or donate, click here. You can also follow Jason's New Journey on twitter @JasonsNuJourney.