The reward to help bring justice to a kitten that was set on fire has been raised thanks to a few locals.

More than $1,000 is being offered for any information leading to an arrest.

Cleveland Police tell Channel 3 at this time they believe it could be a group of young males.

Katniss the Kitten is recovering today after having her leg amputated on Monday.

This comes after she was set on fire, leaving first, second and third degree burns on 90 percent of her 2-pound body.

But Katniss' 2nd of her nine lives is sure to be better than her first, now that she has a family to love.

"A lot of these little ones, they don't know to give up," said Dr. Todd Dolen, veterinarian.

8-week-old Katniss the kitten was brought to Dr. Dolen, fighting for her life with burns covering her body.

"The first ten days were critical, she was not very responsive. She wouldn't get up and move," said Dr. Dolen. "We were afraid we would lose her."

He says it was an obvious case of animal cruelty that resulted in the severe burns and amputation of her leg.

"I want folks to understand that although these aren't humans that these crimes happen too. They are unjustified and need to be taken seriously," said Dolen.

Cleveland Police are looking for who did this.

They tell Channel 3 they have reason to believe that it was a group of young males. They hope the $1,000 reward will bring someone to justice.

While Katniss was the victim of something horrific, her story gets better.

"My family is in love with her," said Dolen.

She's been adopted by the family nursing her back to health; giving her all of the love she could ever hope for.

Dr. Dolen plans to take Katniss with him to local schools as he talks about the importance of reporting animal cruelty.

A special account has been opened up for anyone wishing to contribute to the reward. Monies are accepted at the City of Cleveland Municipal Building located at 190 Church Street N.E. The account number is 999 110-36735.

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