Channel 3 is learning more about a break-in that took place last week where a man attacked his intruder with a baseball bat. Police apprehended the victim who used the bat earlier this afternoon after realizing he was a wanted man.

The victim-now-turned-suspect gave police a different name, Kevin Miller, the night of the burglary. His legal name, Christopher Guthrie, had an open warrant out for aggravated burglary since June 2014.

"He reached in his back and said I've got a gun, I'm gonna kill you," the man recalled about the burglary on Monday.

Channel 3 interviewed him after an intruder forced his way into his Brainerd home last week. He chased off the suspect after beating him with a baseball bat. Police arrested Butch Brown for aggravated burglary and is still in the Hamilton County Jail.

The victim who hit Brown with the bat told police his name was Kevin Miller.

After the story aired, citing the name in the police report, tips came in that the man may have lied to police about his name.  

On Tuesday, the couple maintained they are the Millers. However, public information on Kimberly Miller's Facebook page shows that she's engaged to a man named Chris Guthrie.

According to Chattanooga Police Communications Director Kyle Miller, crime victims are not forced to show their ID or reinforce who they are when reporting a crime. Miller said that although it's dealt with on a case by case basis, people generally don't have to show an ID unless it's requested by an officer.

Chattanooga Police Chief Fred Fletcher released a statement thanking the community for information that helped lead to an apprehension.

"Many of our arrests are made possible through community participation and this is exactly what community policing looks like," Fletcher said.