An elementary school in northern Kentucky is changing the traditional way of celebrating birthdays and the change has some parents at odds.

The school committee revised its wellness policy, banning all food for birthday celebrations. According to the principal the point is to cut out unhealthy junk food and maximize instruction time.

While some parents agree with the school,  many say this policy is too over the top.

"I think it's absurd because Burlington Elementary is performing below all the other schools in the district, below many of the schools in the state and now we're having a discussion on what food parents-which is a parental choice can send to school."

"There's more important things to do and honestly teachers spend a lot of time maybe serving the food and they can spend that time in the classroom educating the kids."

Despite the pushback from some parents, the policy stands, students with birthdays will be recognized during morning announcements.

Parents can send in non-food gifts instead.