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Flash Flooding in Dade County

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DADE COUNTY, GA (WRCB) - The National Weather Service issued a Flash Flood warning for Dade County in North Georgia Tuesday until 4:15 p.m where parts of several roadways are now underwater.

Emergency management officials told Channel 3 at least 5 roads had to be closed down due to flooding. Officials said until the roadways are deemed safe they are asking residents to obey the warning signs.

"Danger, is a swift water not knowing what's underneath your feet," said Alex Case, Dade County Emergency Management Director. "Are you going to step off in a hole?' Is it going to suck you down in a culvert and pull you down and drown you?'"

Crews worked through the night and most of the day Tuesday across Dade County blocking off roadways, clearing ditches and storm drains.

"We had about 5 roads that was under water temporarily through the flash flooding... at this time we still got about 3 or 4 still under water," said Case.

About 2.5 inches of rainfall fell Tuesday morning.

"It's probably 10 or 12 feet under water right here," said Fire Chief Jerry Kyzer, Trenton Fire Dept.

Creeks road is said to be the worst. A large portion of the roadway is now completely under a swift moving current.

"You see on T. V. everyday where people try and go through, go around the road blocks and go through the tape and usually the outcome is tragic," said Chief Kyzer.

"The current is so bad it can sweep you off, it can move a pretty good size car," said Case. "Don't drive through it... a lot of people do one of the areas we went to this morning, somebody drove through it so we put it (barriers) back up."

So far only Lookout Creek Road. is said to have pothole damage from flood waters dragging debris. Officials say for now making sure people stay off of these flooded roadways is their number one priority and one big reason why schools out.

"It's safer for the children it's better just to be a day out," said Chief Kyzer. "That way everybody goes home at night,"

Officials said Creeks road may take a few days to clear when it does crews will then go back through to look for damages

School is expected to be back in session, Wednesday.

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