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Red Bank Parents thankful for two-hour delay after overnight storm

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RED BANK, TN (WRCB) - All Hamilton County Schools ran on a two-hour delay Tuesday morning because of the weather. Classes for students at Red Bank Elementary began at 10 a.m.

Parents said they were thankful for the extra to get their kids to school when there is a potential for severe weather.

"It was long, stormy, and I guess my power went out about 4, maybe 4 or 5 this morning," said Ann Parris of North Chattanooga.

Overnight storms caused students at Red Bank Elementary to get a late start to learning, but this is one of the few times where their parents didn't mind.

"Of course it helped," said Thomas Miles of Red Bank, "Just with the weather I didn't want my kids being out that early in the morning being so dark, you know traffic and stuff like that."

"Well, of course we couldn't cook because we didn't have no power," Parris said, "But we was able to take our time and do what we could do."

Downed trees in North Chattanooga caused power outages for people like Ann Parris and her family, and other parents said flash flooding was their main concern.

"Just the standing water on the road," Miles said, "I mean really there was no trees anywhere, people driving slow of course because of the weather."

The extra time, and extra precaution, to let the storm pass before starting class seemed to be accepted by all parents who talked to Principal Haley Brown before school started on Tuesday.

"There have been times in the past when parents haven't been happy with a delay," said Principal Haley Brown, "But I don't know if the community is just kind of storm-weary these days but I didn't hear the first complaint."

Principal Brown said having a two hour delay does cause a slight disruption throughout the day. Some students come to class and have lunch period less than an hour after getting to school. But again, the extra time this morning was appreciated by many parents and teachers at Red Bank Elementary.
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