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Tennessee voters will see 4 amendments on ballot in November

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Celia Baker lives on a fixed income and will be the first to tell you, the past few years have been tough.

“We make so much from our investments and then that is taxed by the state of Tennessee above and beyond,” she said.

Which is why she wants to learn more about Amendment 3 before she votes in next month's election.

Members with the League of Women Voters broke down the four amendments voters will see on ballots in November, so folks like Baker don't rely on political ads themselves.

“They are skewed so that they will influence people one way and that is the way our political system works. That's why it's up to the individual voter to become well informed,” Janis Hashe.

Hashe moderated Monday's forum and says the wording of Amendment 1 can be confusing to some.

“It's essentially saying that the legislature will then have the opportunity to strip certain abortion rights in the state of Tennessee,” she said.

Amendment 2 allows Tennesseans to choose whether or not Supreme Court justices should be appointed or elected.

Even though Tennessee doesn't currently have an income tax, Amendment 3 deals with should the state create one in the future.

“You then have to figure out, What is the most fair way to tax individuals?” Hashe added.

Amendment 4 allows voters to decide of veterans can hold a lottery within the state.

“The legalese is a little off-putting sometimes, a little hard to figure out,” Baker said.

Giving folks like Baker some piece of mind before heading to the polls.

To learn more about the amendments on the ballots click HERE.

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