UPDATE: Willard Clifton Land, currently being held in the Sequatchie County Jail for criminal homicide, appeared before the Sequatchie County General Sessions Court Judge Tuesday morning, according to a news release from the Sequatchie County Sheriff's Department.

He was ordered to be held in custody without bond, until his first court appearance on October 30th.

Land was appointed representation by the Public Defender's Office.

PREVIOUS STORY: A 72-year-old Dunlap man is accused of murdering a 24-year-old woman over the weekend. Investigators say it stemmed from an argument over drugs.

It happened just before 9:30 Saturday night at a home on Keener Road. The Sequatchie County Sheriff's Office says it is familiar with the suspect, Willard Land, who is now charged with criminal homicide. Sheriff Ronnie Hitchcock says this is the second time Land has been tied to a murder investigation. He says land spent time in a California prison for murder several years ago.   

"They got into an argument over drugs. over pills," says Sheriff Hitchcock.

Sequatchie County Sheriff Ronnie Hitchcock says his deputies were called to a home on Keener Road Saturday night on reports a young woman had been stabbed.

"They were all intoxicated."

The homeowner told investigators 72-year-old Willard Land and 24-year-old Kerry Angel were hanging out at his house when they got into a heated argument.

"He said that Willard Land was the one that actually done the stabbing on the girl. They got in an argument and he stabbed her in the back and fled the scene."

Angel did not survive. Deputies found land in some nearby woods. He says his office is still looking into how the two knew each other.

"I hadn't ever seen them together but I understand they did know each other. That they had been seen together," says Hitchcock.

Hitchcock says Angel has no criminal record with Sequatchie County. As for Land, he spent more than a year in the Sequatchie County jail on drug charges.

"We've had him in here on drug charges, selling and delivery, and built some time here with us, maybe a year or longer."

Hitchcock also says Land has been convicted of murder before, serving time in a California prison in the 70s and 80s.

"When we've had him here before he bragged about he had killed someone, he had built time in prison and he played cards with Charles Manson in prison. You know, he was real boastful about what he had done," says Hitchcock.

Now, he says Land will most likely spend the rest of his life behind bars.

"Drugs takes you down a path that there's no future in," says Hitchcock.

Land is expected to be arraigned in court October 30th.

UPDATE: Sequatchie County Sheriff Ronnie Hitchcock told Channel 3 that Willard Clifton Land served 15-20 years in the California prison system for another, unrelated murder.

Hitchcock says that Land bragged about his previous killing and claimed that he "he played cards all the time with Charles Manson."

Land has been arrested previously in Sequatchie County on drug charges according to Hitchcock.

The victim, Kerry Summer Angel, was fatally stabbed in what has been described as an argument over pills.

PREVIOUS STORY: On Saturday night just before 9:30 Sequatchie County officers were dispatched to 210 Keener Road in the Cagle Community on reports of a female bleeding.

Upon their arrival, officers found 24-year-old Kerry Summer Angel, of Dunlap suffering from a fatal wound, she was later pronounced dead at the scene.

Officers say 72-year-old Willard Clifton Land, of Dunlap fled the scene, but was later caught by deputies in a wooded area near the crime scene.

Land is currently being held in the Sequatchie County Jail, without bond, and has been charged with Criminal Homicide.

This is the second homicide for Sequatchie County this year. The Sheriff's Office and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation are both investigating.