New Yorkers have the New York Lottery. North Dakotans have Hot Lotto. Floridians have Florida Lotto.

Starting Oct. 19, residents of those states — as well as those in Tennessee, Kentucky, Maine, Texas, 15 other states and the District of Columbia — will share the nation's latest multistate lottery game.

Monopoly Millionaires' Club will feature a weekly drawing, held Fridays at 11:15 p.m. ET, with players hoping to hit the numbers for a top prize of $15 million and 10 smaller prizes of $1 million. There also will be a nationally televised Monopoly Millionaires Club game show that will begin airing in February, with its audience and players coming from people who registered their lottery tickets online.

"Players are always looking for something different," said Carolyn Hapeman, spokeswoman for the New York Gaming Commission. "Any product has to evolve. Our jackpot games have to evolve."

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