It was a showcase of creativity and an opportunity to teach.

The Mini Makers Faire in Chattanooga had many coming for a good time and leaving a little smarter.   


"I'm pretty much here to have fun and build things," said Cullen Burdyshaw

Cullen and his dad, Chad, spent the morning creating together.

"I try to invent things, sort of like dragons and stuff out of Legos or cars," said Cullen.

They built a car made out of card board and plastic pieces, designed to race.

But it wasn't all for fun and games, Cullen's Dad saw it as a learning opportunity.

"I'm an engineer so I think to encourage my son to do similar types of things," said Chad Burdyshaw. "I find blocks of wood with screw at strange angles and those things together. Yeah, he likes to tinker."

Sonja Fabela is a creator too.

"I want to be a scientist," said Fabela.

She's well on her way into the world of inventing after adding a blinking strap to her purse that she programmed herself.

"Mr. Pac-man is chasing the ghost and his mission is to get to the blinking light which is the energy disk," said Fabela.

Giving her something to be proud of as she shows off to other people what she learned to do.

"I think what kids need to learn from this type of activity is they can build things. It's not something a select few can do, everybody can do it!"