Baby boomers grew up dreaming of living in a Jetsons-style world.


At Marion County High School in Jasper, Tennessee, they're no longer dreaming.  They're writing code, building robots, and putting them to work.

Teacher Aaron Basham is proud to be among the first in a new wave of high schools incorporating robotics into engineering class.   It's taking the Home Economics and Shop classes of the past into the 21st century.

Much of the time is spent watching the devices roam around the classroom floor.   But that is just a warm-up for competitions to design a robot that can find objects, retrieve them and put them in their proper place.   This is what leads to devices that can assist in surgery, or underground rescue situations.   Not to mention a little help down the road, for an aging population.

The next step is installing sensors and programming to make them capable of operating without human direction.   Mr. Basham says this is good workforce training, giving students a headstart when they apply at new manufacturing plants already in the Tennessee Valley, and those on the way.