UPDATE:  The decision to allow a former Fort Oglethorpe official to have his name on the November 4th ballot has been released.  Ousted city councilman Charles Sharrock will be allowed to run for the seat he lost in November of 2012. 

FORT OGLETHORPE, GA. (WRCB) - "This happens a lot in situations where non-legally trained person sits as a jurist," says attorney McCracken Poston after Fort Oglethorpe's Elections Administrator Orma Luckey held a hearing Thursday morning regarding ousted city councilman Charles Sharrock, who wants to run again for the seat he lost in November of 2012.

"It's like an employer," implores attorney Stuart James. "The City Council fired him because he committed acts of sexual harassment."

Sharrock denies it all, and claims because he wasn't criminally charged, voters should decide whether he can run.

Fort Oglethorpe citizen James Cooper hired the two attorneys, who both believe Georgia law is on their side.

While the hearing was initially called to determine whether or not Sharrock was eligible to re-run for his seat, the hearing quickly devolved into one over legal procedure.

"I want to reiterate Ms. Luckey, that due process requires us and requires you to as a quasi-official (unintelligible response , if I may finish ma'am, as a quasi-judicial officer to allow us to put evidence in and that includes asking witnesses questions," said James, who like Attorney Poston, asked Luckey to recuse herself from the proceeding, which she flatly refused.

"We do object to the manner in which this hearing has been held, we object to the limitations, we object to not allowing witnesses, and we just wanted to state that for the record which perhaps will be held by a later court."

When asked why she declined to recuse herself, Luckey says " Because I wasn't guilty of the things they were talking about and I don't have to, I was here to listen for them, information so I could make a decision and then they turned it into getting me off the case."

Attorney Poston said throughout the hearing that he believed Ms. Luckey is biased and had already made her decision regarding Sharrock's candidacy, noting it was her who back in September allowed Sharrock's name to be put on the ballot and citing previous newspaper reports which cited her as saying Sharrock was qualified to run. 

"If Mr. Sharrock remains on the ballot and is later removed because of this kangaroo process, when if that happens, this will cost the city that much more money," warned Poston.

Luckey says she will render her decision in writing sometime next week.

Early voting in Fort Oglethorpe begins Monday.