DeShawn Currie, pepper sprayed, "There go police inside the house, guns drawn."

That's what DeShawn Currie found when he heard noises and came downstairs to check it out Monday.  After school he came in through the side door and a neighbor had called police thinking he was a burglar. 

"I was just like, hey how you doing? I live here. You know my name is DeShawn and my mom and dad is gone."

DeShawn says he tried to explain that his family had moved in over the summer and so his neighbors may not recognize him. then he says one of the officers commented on one of the photos on the mantle.

"He was like, how can you tell me you stay here when all the kids in the picture are white? Right then I really started to get mad." 

DeShawn admits the situation got heated after that, eventually leading to him to him get in handcuffs and pepper sprayed.  When Stacy Tyler got home DeShawn was still in handcuffs, in the back of the ambulance.  An ordeal that's been hard on the family.

Stacy Tyler, foster mom, "My five year-old didn't understand why they hated him and wanted to hurt him. My husband had nightmares the whole first night about having to fight the police off for being in the wrong house."

They say they have worked hard to make their family come together.  They say for others to assume they can't be family is hurtful. 

Stacy Tyler, foster mom, "It didn't necessarily take it all away but it damaged things."

DeShawn Currie, pepper sprayed, "Really because I'm black and the kids are white so you believe I don't stay here because of some pictures on a wall?"