Two local athletes will compete in the USA National Team Olympic Qualifier. Both have been training, and boxing, for years at the Y-CAP boxing club, but this will be one of the first times their extended families and their community will see them compete.

"It's a dream come true," said boxer Roger Hilley, "I feel like it's my time. it couldn't happen any better to happen in my home town."

Roger Hilley, 20, and Slade Corvin, 17, hope dreams come true in their hometown.

"I've worked my whole life to get to this moment," boxer Slade Corvin said, "And my biggest dream would be to go and represent my country at the 2016 olympics."

They are the only two boxers from Chattanooga competing in the USA National Team Olympic Qualifier.

"Outside the Olympic games this is it. This is as big as it's going to get as far as amateur boxing," said Head Coach Andy Smith, "Most of the time you would see this event go to like LA, or Chicago or New York, never the south."


250 of the best amateur boxers in the nation will come with the same dream in mind, but Corvin said he's ready.

"As soon as the first bell rings, you know that's when you start having fun," Corvin said, "The nerves go away and that's when you just focus and that's why I do this."


A dream both Corvin and Hilley might not have had growing up.    

Both have overcome personal and family challenges to get where they are today and the Y-CAP boxing club helped give them that new direction.

"The boxing glove in this gym has changed more lives than any other thing we do."


Corvin and Hilley spent years in the ring learning about hard work, discipline and even failure.

But all along Coach Smith has really been coaching them on how to succeed without the gloves on.

"Seeing them learn in a boxing match that things may not go their way," Smith said, "But how they handle that adversity and apply in the ring, you can also do that in life."

The 2014 USA National Team trials are from November 30th through December 5th at the Downtown Convention Center.   

Tickets go on sale October, 27th.