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Man's dash cam rolling as he drives through Ringgold tornado debris

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Clean up continues in Catoosa County where a tornado hit Monday night. Contractors and roofers have gotten to work in Ringgold to repair the homes damaged by the EF-1 tornado.

Channel 3 also talked with a man who was in his car when the storm hit.

"It was just a little light wind, and then all the sudden, bam! It was there," says Paul Woolwine.

Woolwine was driving down Ooltewah-Ringgold Road Monday night as an EF-1 tornado touched down not even a mile away.

"All of the sudden I started hearing debris hit my car and then all of the sudden I started seeing debris," he says.

It just so happens Woolwine has a camera mounted to his windshield. It captured video of a large branch falling in front of his car.

"When I saw that big branch come down, that's when I thought to myself, 'This is not good.'"

Moments later he drove through a large cloud of swirling debris.

"I just took my faith in God and speeded up and just hoped that I was going in the right direction, that I was leaving the storm instead of going in to it. I'm thankful that I'm here. I thankful that I didn't get hurt and I'm thankful nobody else really got hurt," says Woolwine.

As for people living in Callaway Farms, where the tornado hit, Wednesday was day two of clean up. 

"It lasted anywhere from 20 to 30 seconds and it was gone," says Ted Bayne.

It only took 20 to 30 seconds for the 110 mile per hour winds to destroy Bayne's back yard and blow windows out of his home.

"We had a prayer and thanked The Lord for sparing us. Everything else can be replaced," he says.

Crews are busy at work repairing his home.

"Got a garage door crew and the pool man's been here and will start in a couple days."

"We're just here to help out any way we can," says Scott Campbell, with Scenic City Cleaning and Restoration.

Campbell says his company jumped in to action the last time Ringgold was hit in 2011. He is ready to work again.

"That's just the way we do. We've always put our faith out in front of us and this is where it brought us today," says Campbell.

No major injuries were reported with this storm. However, five people in Walker County were hurt Monday night when their car ran off the road as the storm hit. They are expected to be okay.

As a reminder, if you are in your car when a tornado hits, it is safest to exit the vehicle and lie in a ditch. 
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