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Proposed animal ordinance could hurt local breeders

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - A proposed animal ordinance is getting a lot of heat among city leaders.

It's targeted at backyard breeding and puppy mills, but a local kennel club is worried it will hurt legitimate breeders.

They come in different shapes, sizes and breeds but they're all vying to be the best.

“You try to get the right size, the right look, the right movement, the right coat texture, the right coat. Just a whole bunch of things,” David Gilstrap said.

Gilstrap and his wife have bred Pomeranians for more than 40 years.

They're here with other area breeders for exhibition class to help train their dogs for upcoming shows.

“It's really hard to buy a top show dog. You have to breed your own,” he said.

A proposed Chattanooga ordinance is trying to take on backyard breeding and puppy mills. But Gilstrap says if passed, it will hurt local breeders especially those with small litters.

“It takes usually about 10 puppies to get a really good show dog, so I wouldn't get a good show dog for about 3-4 years if I had to follow their rules of two litters max a year,” he added.

Gilstrap also worries surrounding cities will adopt similar ordinances, something he says isn't fair because breeders already follow AKC Guidelines.

“AKC requires we keep really good records, we keep them in really good care. Facilities have to be up to par they send inspectors around every year or two,” he said.

And give these pups a chance to be top dog.

The proposed ordinance will go before Chattanooga City Council in a couple weeks.

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