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Ringgold neighbors help clean up damages left by EF-1 tornado

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Several homes on Meadowview Lane in Ringgold were damaged by the storm Monday night. People who live in the subdivision said it was over in less than a minute, and early Tuesday morning is when they all got a first look at the damages.

"This morning is kind of worse than it was last night because I can see the damage, especially the back of my house."
Audrey Brackley and her neighbors said they were not prepared for the EF-1 tornado that tore through their homes Monday night.

"And all of a sudden one of my french doors just blew wide open," Brackley recalls, "And the wind was just unbelievable."

"We heard a smash in the front of the house and it was a tree," said neighbor Doug Barta, "It had actually impaled the house and was sticking inside the house."

"Oh it was trash, you couldn't get across these driveways here," said Mike Nichols Jr, "All of this you couldn't see anything through the trees," he said pointing to Brackley's driveway.
Brackley lives alone, but she's not dealing with the cleanup alone. People started coming over shortly after sunrise to clear her driveway of downed trees and debris.

"These are my neighbors," Brackley said, "Some of these people I have never seen before!"

Although the tornado forced a tree inside Doug Barta's home, he said it's his friendly neighbors he'll remember most when he looks back on this day.

"Just, the phone's blowing up with text messages," Barta said, "It just means a lot."

Neighbors say about 7 - 10 homes in their subdivision were damaged by the tornado and no one was injured.

Catoosa County Planning and Zoning Administrator James Davis was walking around assessing the damage Tuesday.

Davis said he wants to make sure any homeowner who needs work done after the storm, to go through their office and make sure that contractor is county-certified. He said many homeowners were over-charged after the EF-5 tornado hit Ringgold three years ago, and wants to avoid that from happening again.

To reach the Catoosa County Planning and Zoning Administrator, call (706) 965 - 3787.
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