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E-F-1 Tornado Hits Ringgold and Damages Several Homes

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CATOOSA COUNTY, GA (WRCB) - Residents in North Georgia say they're lucky no one was hurt after an E-F-1 Tornado swept through the area.

Roofs were torn from homes, tree limbs and debris scattered across the road as families took cover.

Crews were out today assessing the damage, and cleaning up the mess.

Residents along Morning Glory Road, where at least 7 homes were damaged say without warning they barely had any time to take cover.

"While we were running it just felt like the house was going to explode," said Anita Jones.

Jones describes the terrifying moments the E-F 1 Tornado ripped through her neighborhood..

"It just kept getting louder and louder I told them to go run in the bathroom I felt like something was happening," said Jones.

Her bedroom is destroyed after the tornado winds tore away her roof allowing the rain and hail to pour in ..

"There was this pressure and loud noise and by the time we got into the bathroom it was over it was done," said Jones.

The National Weather Service says wind speeds reached 110 mph. It was strong enough to blow bark off the trees.

Neighbor Teddy Baynes Tells Channel 3 Eyewitness News the hail sounded like a train coming through. He remembers there being no warning and no time to react.

"I got a weather radio it didn't say anything....I had just drove in from Fort Oglethorpe through rain and lightening and thundering.. ..I thought it would just be rain but no warning at all," said Bayne.

Rooftops, siding, twisted metal, mangled furniture were all carried across neighboring yards.

The wind blew doors off and came through the garage door this garage door was found down this field down here," said Bayne.

Bayne says In just a matter of seconds two gas grills were lifted up and slammed into his backyard fence, concrete tables were slammed to the ground. More than 7 trees were downed with 180 plants destroyed. Trees were slammed into the back of his sunroom. The winds carried broken glass and debris all the way to their front door. The Baynes say their just thankful no one was hurt.

"we're lucky we thank the Lord for sparing our lives. Anything else missing or gone can be replaced," said Bayne.

Emergency management officials say in total 7 home were damaged on Morning Glory Road. Neighbors tell us at least one family will have to stay with friends until the damage to their home is fixed. No injuries have been reported.

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