Chattanooga has become the entrepreneur hub of the southeast.

"A lot of them have looked at different entrepreneur communities across the U.S. and decided that Chattanooga offers all of the assets that they need to get their business off the ground,” said Tia Capps, Communications Director for The Company Lab.

Daniel Hampton with 3D-Operating is one of those businesses that has recently relocated.

"We provide 3D printed anatomical models of patients specific anatomy based on their MRI or CT data," said Daniel Hampton, CEO of ED-Operations. "Mainly for patient education, surgeon education or to simulate a surgery so they better understand before they go into the hospital."

But what's the draw to the Scenic City? The Cheaper start up prices, a community that supports them and 1 gig internet capabilities.


"EPB with the gig makes it extremely possible for us. We're going to be transferring a lot of data to and from hospitals and ourselves," said Hampton.

The Company Lab, a group that helps local entrepreneurs, has been working for three to four years on growing the entrepreneur community in the last 3 months they've recruited 3 businesses and they say it's only the beginning.

"We have such a strong group of people who are dedicated to providing resources to help people get their businesses off the ground," said Capps. "This is just another step towards building a stronger community and culture of entrepreneurship."

Hampton says they are working with hospitals in the area in hopes to implement their technology soon.